Apalaghiei Marcel

Apalaghiei Marcel seems to have always been crafting those traditional roadside crosses for which he harmoniusly displays the geometrical carvings, refined and chained, to give birth to compositions that lead to the macrocosmos. He was born because wood needed to live. His hands conceive miracles, the same way as God conceived Eve from Adam’s rib. He and his wood are a single being. He breathes the fresh air of the forest and enjoys the gentle carress of the chisel, whose traces carve works of art. They are inseparable. Half a century, a whole life carved in elm, lime, walnut or cherry tree; for 50 years his hand led wood to the eternity. lapel or crossroads, the works of Marcel Apalaghiei are testimonities of a time that, for the golden-handed craftsman, can be only measured in green-yellow-brown-red colours, as well as trees turned into spoons, dish hangers, medallions, crucifixes. He attended several fairs and exhibitions in Budapest, Oradea, Botosani, Isi, Bucharest and teh rest of the country, being highly appreciated and rewarded with certificates.