Archeology museum

The Archaeology Museum in Saveni hosts a rich archaeological heritage that illustrates the history of these places from the Paleolithic to the 4th century AD. The attention falls on flint tools and weapons, the fire hearth with carbonized mammoth bones and a mammoth tooth discovered in the famous Paleolithic sites from Ripiceni, Mitoc, Drăguşeni or Coţuşca. The Neo-Eneolithical cultureof Cucuteni with its splendid ceramics that delight by the grace of the shapes, the pattern harmony ans the 2-3 colours used. The metal era is represented by various tools, weapons and jewelry: gloving hole axe, flint pruning, clay weights for fishing nets, sacrifice bowls, beads. The collection Mihai and Al.Ciuca is exhibited in 2 roomsof the museum. The malariologist doctor Mihai Ciucă and his brother,the veterinary doctor Al. Ciucă, with their notable achievements in the field of science and high university education, are presented thorugh a whole range of civil status documents,photos, certificates and decorations, personal objects, scientific works, etc that highlight their intellect and great prestige that they enjoyed in their times.

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