County History Museum

Former Palace of the Prefecture, the building that hosts the museum today was built in the period befroe WW1, following a project designed by architect Petre Antonescu. At first, the museum had a double profile: history and natural sciences. At the end of 1977, the main exhibition of the history department of the museum was opened, including elements of archeology, numismatics, history. In its rooms there are several very interesting exhibits: a human shelter from the Middle Paleolithic discovered in Ripiceni-Izvor, on the banks ofPrut River, which is unique in the country; a female statue belonging to Cucuteni culture (5000 BC), known as Venus from Draguseni; the old door from St. Ciolae church from Dorohoi (founded by Stefan cel Mare, 1495); buckles, rings, seals and other objects found on the battlefield from Verbia (4 km away from Dorohoi), where the army of Ieremia Movila went on the side of Mihai Viteazul, the king that united the Romanian provinces for the first time (1600);the original inscription of Pomarla school (1835), founded by boyard Anastasie Basota – the first private school of Moldova.

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