Grand Synagogue – Oiche Sil

The Great Synagogue – “Oiche Sil” dates from 1834. The building is located right in the center of Botosani, inside, you can admire very well-preserved paintings, Hebrew books and cult objects. Guides are part of the Jewish community and if you want to visit the synagogue, you have to announce the community. Declared monument of architecture, it is one of the oldest and richest decorated synagogues in Moldova. The interior features beautiful scenes of Jerusalem representations and symbols that represent the tribes of Israel. The paintings are original realised in a romantic architecture, of the neo-Gothic style, the building has an interior with scenes from Jerusalem and signs that represent ‘The Twelve Tribes of Israel’. If 50 years ago, the people from Botosani could be proud for over 70 synagogues organised in neighbourhoods, nowadays this is the only one which keeps the charm of the community of jews alive. The synagogue has beautiful mosaics and a second floor as well for the rabbi and cantor. This is an important, historical and artistic sight in Botosani and one we don’t regret visiting. The synagogue is one of the main tourist attractions from Botosani and it hasn’t been restored since 1834. It was able to get through both of the World Wars without being touched, time in which it was used as a hideout for the jews in town, frightened people because of the German Army which had as an objective the exclusion of their breed. In 2002, the president of the community of jews, David Iosef, has succeeded to gather funds, from the donations of some generous Americans, money needed for applying a new carpet onto the floor of the Holy place. Mr. Iosef mentioned that a new investment will happen, for redecorating the church, and obtaining the original colours of it.