Iacinschi Eusebiu

A craft that never disappeared in teh etnographic area of Botosani is pottery. The Kuty type ceramics belonging to the family Ioan and Sonia Iacinschi from Botosani is well known. The raw materials that they are using range from clay, angobe, enamel, used to achieve final products like plates, cups, candle holders, mugs, bowls, The technique used is called „sgrafitto”, and the decorative patterns are unique, following epic, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic themes.
The ceramics workshop – In the workshop belonging to Iacinschi family, the artisan art producers work on Kuty type pottery, well known throughout the county, and Neolitic pottery type. The craftspeople have been working for over 30 years on trays, plates, jugs, cups, vases, tiles and many other objects that can be used in the household or as decorations. The whole family performs the same activity, owning a workshop where teh ceramic is moulded and then brought to life through painting in natural colours. The main colours used in the area are those of the ground and nature – green, yellow, brown. Naive scratched drawings decorate the vases and dishes: animals, sunflower, religious patterns, peacocks, watershed fountain, elements of teh environment. The protfolio of the Iacinschi family includes more than one hundred decorations that are highly valued by their clients, in cromatic tones of green, brown and yellow.