Ipotești – Stâna Baisa – Agafton – Luceafărul Camp

The first landmark on this route is Stana Baisa, a rustic resting place for the inhabitants of Botosani City. The way to this place is a really attarctive one, with serpentines and a rich vegetation composed of oak and beech trees. In the locality called Agafton, there is a Monastery that bears the same name, dating from the 16th century. In 1814 the location becomes a nun convent, dedicated to „Pentecost” holiday. This is where the aunts of Mihai Eminescu became nuns, and one of them, Olimpiada, also ran the place for some time. In the close neighbourhood of Agafton Monastery there are two camps – Luceafarul and Codrii de Arama.