Jocul căiuților – riatualic dance performed byyoung men dressed as horses

This traditional dance has a high density in Botosani county area, namely in Trusesti, where we can fiind the little horses – Caiuti – in every village in the commune (Drislea, Ionăşeni, Trusesti), but also in Corni, Tudora, Sarafineşti, Vorona, Ibăneşti, Fundu Herţii, Hlipiceni , Cordăreni, Cristeşti, Oneaga. Every time the dances are specific to the area where the dance is „collected”. In Todireni, as well as in Trusesti, for instance, they dance upon five songs: Pristandaua (which also contains a plow) Gontăreasca, Ciobănească, Fata popii şi Ruseasca sau Căiuţul, Bătrânul, Şoticul, Galopul, Raţa etc. During the dance they also chant wishes. For the dance of the little horses, not only the moves are spectacular, but also the costumes and masks. In some of the dances, the spectacular rises even more with the dances of coppersmiths and other masked characters. Sometimes the little horses dances are accompanied by dances of bears and bear tamers songs. The parade of the little horses may 4-8-12 horses accompanied by masked characters (old men and women, moors, coppersmiths), etc. The little horses group performs the same routine in every house, in a lilt and cadenced rhythm suggesting an unleashed gallop, providing an attractive performance by outfit, repertoire and props used. The area of Botosani offers its tourists unique aspects of traditions related to keeping the rite of passage from the old to the new year.