Maxim Petru şi Maxim Angelica

Petru Maxîm graduated, în anul 1993, from the Folk Arts School in Botosani. He became known in the guild of potters especially because of his personal interpretation of the famous ceramics of Cucuteni. Having a good knowledge of the folk creation, he chose Cucuteni ceramics as a source of inspiration, the one that has been created in the area of Botosani ever since the Neolithic. He creates pieces of remarkable artistical value, using forms, colours and decorative patterns that outline, however, his own syle of decorating cermics.

Petru Maxîm is defined as a complex personality, in a continuous search, studying and trying to decypher the old patterns of Cucuteni ceramics, to capture their essence and then reproduce their fundamental aspects. At the same time he seeks to conbine the manner of expression, colour and decoration pattern in a wish to obtain a new creation, corresponding to his own style of artistic expression. The pottery pieces that the craftsman from Dorohoi creates have a strong decorative character, their utilitarian function being left behind. Thus, among his products one can find cult vases, fruit bowls, lamps, plates, candle holders, etc. This craftsman works with his wife, Angelica Maxim.