St Nicolae Monastery Popăuți

St. Nicolae Monastery Popauti was founded by Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) in 1496. The monument is representative for the „Moldavian style” ( a mix of Bizantine and Gothic elements) that was crystallized under the patronage of the great ruler. Part of the original fresco depicts the cycle of Christ’s Passions, which range on the nave apses to particular scened on the altar. A great part of the interior painting dates from 16th century. After 1752, it was renovated by Constantin Racovita, who turned it into a Greek monks’ monastery, dedicated to the Patriarchate of the Antioch. Out of the original buildings of the complex only the guard tower was preserved – it is 17 meter-high and placed on the north side of the church (later transformed into a steeple) and an old stone cellar.