Casa Memorială „George Enescu”

The Memorial House of George Enescu is 15 kilometers away from Dorohoi, in Liveni village. The family of the composer used to live for some time in a neighbouring locality, called Cracalia. It is here that Enescu composed „Tara Romaneasca” (Romanian Country) – „Opera for piano and violin by George Enescu, Romanian composer aged 5”. It is also here that he composed his first genuine opus, „Poema Romana” (Romanian Poem) (1894). George Enescu Memorial House was founded in 1968, in the small house with painted wooden porch, which was renovated; it presents the atmosphere of the great musician’s childhood. Furniture belonging to his parents, Moldavian rugs, touched by the hands of time, the oven where George Enescu was born, photos of the family and last but not least objects belonging to the musician, they all depict the passage of the person that never ceased to amaze the world, from his early childhood towards the end of his life.