Idiş Sinagogue

The Yiddish synagogue from Botosani Citz dates from them 19th century (about 1850) and it was built in Romantic neo-Gothic architecture. Known under the name Idishes Beis-Medras, it was one of the busiest places in the city, being the only synagogue in Botosani where Jews held their prayers on weekdays. The interior decoration – painted ceilings, wood carvings and iron works – is in accordance with its spectacular facades, and the rhythm of the ogival arches. The two overlapping rows of tall windows joined by wide frames give the building a dynamic and impressive look. The New Fair Temple was renovated after the fire of 1887 and was inaugurated in 1889. Avram Iosef Schnitzer, master of Odessa, worked on the execution of Aron Hakodes and engraved aspects inspired by the Bible.