Semănatul – Seeding – agrarian tradition

In the ethnographic area of Botosani, the custom of seeding takes place on the morning of the New Year, when children walk in the homes of the people. If the first to come are boys it’s a good sign for the household. Entering the house, they „seed” wishes for those who are there using seeds of wheat, rye, barley, hemp, wishing the hosts to have a happy new year: „Health be with you, here and for the next year – Live in blossom – like apples as pears – are in the middle of summer – and have a rich autumn – With all in abundance” . After they are are rewarded with bagles and apples, walnuts and money, the seeders head for other houses. After the seeders left their place, the housewives gather the seeds and throw them into the cattle barn – this is said to bring their health.