Sihăstria Voronei Monastery

Vorona Hermitage Monastery is situated in the middle of a meadow in which all that can be seen around are the heights of hills covered with ancient forests. Vorona Hermitage monastery church began to be built in 1857 and ended in 1876. The originality of the church is given by the three aisles marked by four columns. The wooden exonarthex porch was added later. The abode is crowned with three wooden towers that do not harmonize with the whole. In front of the iconostasis, on the left wall the „old law” is represented by a woman holding a cross-shaped into an incomplete „T” and on the right wall the „New Law” is represented by a woman holding a full cross. It is the most complete and ingenious representation of the „Old and New Law”, unique for the churches in Botosani. The icons of Mary on the veil is also different from the icons that we can find in other Orthodox iconography. This distinction is the fact that Mary does not hold Christ the child in her arms, but she takes Him by Her hand. Through its originality, this icon is unique in Romania. The iconostasis and the icon of the Virgin and Child holding hands are included in the National Heritage.