„Mihai Eminescu” County Library

Mihai Eminescu County Library was officially inaugurated on November 14, 1882 in „Marchian” boys school no.1 Its first librarian was V. Nadejde, teacher, future founding member of the Botosani Athenaeum. In 1885 the public library merges with Laurian High School. The two libraries burned in 1917. After World War 1, the book heritage started to be reconstructed, so that in 1920 the library had 970 volumes consulted and 1720 readers. Subsequently, numerous personalities donate a part of their personal books, among them the scientist Grigore Antipas, who endowed the library with 2,000 volumes. Upon the celebration of 100 years of existence, the library received the title of „Mihai Eminescu” County Library. Currently the library hosts the Mihai Eminescu documentary fund, unique in the country comprising 8,000 library units (bibliophile editions, heritage furniture, maps, medals), donated by Ion C. Rogojanu. Now it operates in a beautiful building from the late nineteenth century, a true architectural gem – famous Moscovici house.