Sorcova – children’s custom, symbol of spring vegetation

In the ethnographic area of Botosani, the custom of „sorcova” is prepared from the early morning of St. Andrew’s holiday (November 30), when pear and apple twigs and roses are put in vases with water, so they might blossom until the New Year’s – if they do, it is a proof that for that certain household the coming year will be positive, as these twigs are said to bring good luck. With these twigs children entered homes, tapping them on the hosts and saying May you look with merry eyes/ at that little bunch I rise/ tiny flowers may they bring you an everlasting spring ! All the fragrance, all the bloom /shall a fairy on her loom/ weave for you, and smile/, and wait to open the golden gate !/ May your steps be quick and strong,/ always right and never wrong !/ May you always find the ‘clue’,/ see your dearest dreams come true,/ have it always as you like,/ and each time a lucky strike! / Healthy, wealthy, spick-and-span,/ and as merry as you can !/ To you and to all your dears /many, bright, Happy New Years ! (the poet Ion Minulescu’s translation) . Wishes are also chanted for animals.