Borth- rite of passage

In the ethnographic area of Botosani birth is characterized by a sense of joy to the birth of a newborn. Traditional ritual moments follow birth: cutting navel, presenting baby’s first bathing, the coming of Fates, baptism, bathing and godparents party.
In Romanian, there are many ritual practices of magica land religious nature related to birth: during the first bath the baby is splashed with cold water „so that it wouldn’t be cold as long as it lives.” „The bathing ritual only reunites women, relatives or friends who bathe the baby in a trough where they thow flowers in the water to make the baby beautiful like a flower, some beans to help it have beautiful teeth, feathers so that it can be easy to work and play with, a pen so that it will be a good student, an egg so that it has white and clean skin and bread crumbs so that it has a a good heart. The water in which the child was bathed is poured at the roots of a fruitful tree and on the wooden trough there will sit all the women who want to have children.