St. George’s Eve, April 24th

In the ethnographic area of Botosani, the night which makes the transition to the holiday of St. George (the old start of the Pastoral Year) is very important, it is believed that witches and wearwolverines threaten wheat fields and cattle stealing their milk. Therefore, all magical practices of this night are to defend animals and crops.
Popular tradition says that on this night the witches and wearwolverines, naked and disheveled, gather in groups of 12 on each village boundary, being guided by an older witch. They say that they are fighting on the border between the two countries, and those who win get the rain that will bring a rich year in the country. The other side would suffer from drought and the year would not be fruitful. To steal cattle milk and field products, witches tie empty bags or milk strainers to their feet, and they crawl through cornfields and pastures. For the same purpose, they cut green wheat with a sickle, bury magic salt in the way of cows and chant different spells. In the area of Botosani, on the eve of the holiday, a swath of green grass is dug and a branch of willow (wicker) is put in its middle – then they put it on the porch and at the gate pillar. If someone takes from this furrow or branch it is a bad sign for the household – with the branch of wicker stolen or the furrow, one can make spells, take cow milk or field product, as well as the „wealth of household”